The benefits of having Pets, especially Dogs

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

Pets are the older friends of Humans. From research, exercise, hunting, and retrieve to traveling to space, pets i.e. mainly dogs are super beneficial.  Yes, from notifying us of calamities like earthquakes, dogs can be a significant part of our lives. 


🐾Dogs help you stay active


Human beings’ best friend often needs to run and play to stay healthy and active, requiring dog owners to engage in at least some sort of physical activity with them. They want their host to be a part of the daily fun. Even if you don’t consider physical activities with your dog as proper exercise, you can still count this leisure time as health benefits. For those who are delved into digital screens can be converted into a physical mover with the best dogs at home. 


🐾Dog makes us feel free from loneliness


As already mentioned, they are companions i.e. providing much-needed company to the host. A dog can make you feel better from loneliness when there is no one with you. Nowadays, children and youngsters are only engaged in digital gadgets, which makes them dull, unsocialized, irritated, and less obedient leading to mental illness. So, having dogs or pets helps to the betterment of their social environment.


🐾 They safeguard our homes and periphery 

Not all but almost dogs are aware of strangers. According to the training or behavior, we green signaled the dogs can welcome strangers and get extra alertness at the same time. They can guard our homes, farms, and sometimes our herds if they belong to the working class. 


🐾 A dog will be incredibly loyal to you and your family

As mentioned in our heading section, dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth. They love family and are incredibly loyal and we can count them as an inseparable part. So, who doesn’t love his/her family growing and glowing? 


🐾 Dog helps us to meet new people and make friends  

In recent times, Dogs are more famous everywhere, because of their unconditional loving nature their demand is so high in Nepal too.  All over the urban area of Nepal people are doing dog breeding, dogs shop, grooming salon,  training center, mating agencies, advanced hospitals, NGOs, and INGOs are also emerging. Moreover many social sites for pets also make all so close and so popular. People are bonding with each other from different perspectives. Hence they can help us meet new people, friends, and stakeholders. 


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