Brave Himalayan Sheep Dogs Save his Master From Mouth of Leopard

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

Rajmal Shahi,28, is a farmer from Achham, Nepal, one of the districts of Far western Nepal. He hosts two Bhote Dogs (Himalayan sheep Dogs) and protects him and his 250 sheep, for 5 years i.e. 24 hours. As there is a saying every day is not a sunny day, on the 18th of Feb. 2023 while Shahi was going herding from Aachham to Bajhang with two friends and two dogs, this incident happened. He was in front of 250 sheep, with two dutiful dogs in the middle while his friends were at the end.


Khaptad National park is a great place for pasture. At midday, while his group was moving to Gadraykai, Kada lake at the bottom of the National park. Rajmal was trying to manage his sheep on the hill, and at the same time, he encountered a leopard at a 4-5 meter distance and instantly got attacked and found himself 3-4 meters downwards. He had his left arm injured and again after the second attempt and 14-15 meters, luckily he was thrown into the water. 


Due to chronic injuries in both arms, he was unable to move. And leopard was still chasing, but his brave dogs quickly reached and fought for 15 minutes straight to protect the master. Lastly, the dogs got victory over the hungry leopard attacking Rajmal. Both heroes’ dogs were also injured and their friends took them to Khaptad Chhanna health post. After getting the first aid treatment, he was referred to the district hospital in Aachham. Following the case,  senior Dr. Nawaraj Joshi says “ He has heavy injury in both arms and multiple bone cracks but is out of danger”. 


By knowing all, Rajmahal says Dogs are like Gods. They blessed their dogs for protecting their family’s happiness.

We wish for the soonest recovery of both heroic Dogs and master Rajmahal Shahi.


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