Dashain Tihar Paw Friend Offer for 2080 in Nepal

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

Bring Home Your Paw Friend This Dashain, Tihar  and gets genuine Discounts!!

 Dashain ,Tihar is here, and every company offering its festival offer. Just like everyone Indreni pet zone, a complete pet care zone in Nepal, announced its highly-anticipated Pets i.e.  Breed Puppy  campaign, “Dashain Tihar Paw Friend Offer”. People shop for a lot of things during Dashain and Tihar in Nepal .This includes clothes, food, appliances, utensils, vehicles, electronics, and gadgets.  If you wish your children  to be happy and socialize ,adopt best dog breed with little research.Dashain Tihar Paw Friend Offer for 2080 has different deals, discounts, pre-payment discounts.

 This Dashain , Tihar offer is valid from October 13th, 2023 (Asoj 26th 2080) to November 112th (kartik 26th 2080).

🐾💐🐶🐾Pre-payments Discounts:

This offer  included ,once who pre booked any breed puppy  gets  free !! Puppy clothes, free!! Dog Food.


10% discounts on all below services:

🐾Dog Grooming and Bathing

🐾Dog Training

🐾All pet accessories

For more information:

Indreni pet zone                                                                                                    Indreni kennel

Sanepa, Lalitpur                                                                                                    Dallu, Kathmandu

015906953                                                                                                              015302651



Dogs help you stay active

Human beings’ best friend often needs to run and play to stay healthy and active, requiring dog owners to engage in at least some sort of physical activity with them. They want their host to be a part of the daily fun. Even if you don’t consider physical activities with your dog as proper exercise, you can still count this leisure time as health benefits. For those who are delved into digital screens can be converted into a physical mover with the best dogs at home. 


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