First Animal Clinical Skill Learning Center – CSLC in Nepal

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings


For betterment and advance veterinary education and practice ,especially  in  Dog and small animal practitioner Veterinarian Dr. Pranab  Raj Joshi (Owner of vetforyourpet) has established 

Clinical Skill Learning Center – CSLC in Nepal

 Which is First time in Nepal held by Private sector in Bhaktapur.

The main mote of this institute is  to make qualified and perfect skill-full veterinarian, JT,JTA ,AHW, Students and any community animal workers.

According to  The founder and chief of the centre, Dr Pranab Raj Joshi says:
Human Doctor  studies only one species and specialized in ones but more than ten species have to learn, practice and service to be a  Veterinarian  in his carrier. So Vet Doctors are superior then others  but in Nepal  prospective  towards veterinary doctors is very narrow and less respectful. Its  due to lack of  advance professional practice.

In additional, The need for practical skills beyond formal education and internships was highlighted by Ganga Yadav, an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Agriculture & Animal Science (IAAS), Paklihawa, Bhairahawa. He remarked, “Formal education and a six month internship are not enough, so the establishment of such training centres will help. Otherwise, there was only a degree and no skills.” 

Everyday  we consume  Milk, grain ,vegetables, meat these all are products of  farmers ,all veterinary practitioner ,even every medical research trail with animal and animal treat by Veterinarian. So there is lots of contribution by veterinary sector in this world


The Clinical Skills Learning centre (CSLC) dedicated to enhancing basic and advanced clinical skills for veterinary and para-veterinary graduates, students and interns, aims to bridge the asymmetric gap in education and practice  in the field . On occasion of opening ceremony of CSLC   also developed  first batch of  Basics of Canine Health, conducted on 24 Nov,2023. In which 13 para -veterinarian have  participated in supported by  Himalyan Wellness Company & Luksi Vet Pharma.


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