Introduction to the Kennel Club of Nepal | First meeting Insights and Members Name

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

Kennel Club of Nepal (KCN) was established in 2017. Due to Covid-19 and many legal issues, this organization was not formally announced. But after many struggles and with the support of many helping hands the first-ever National KCN meet was successfully held on 12th December 2022 in Baluwatar, Kathmandu.


The formation of a team is a glorious moment while the meeting is a historical move in itself for all dog lovers and stakeholders based in Nepal. 


Going back, there used to be a Kennel Club earlier which was the first kennel club in Nepal that was affiliated with the Kennel Club of the UK. Founded by Jay Narayan Singh, the club underwent a lack of resources such as funds, information, and communication. For the newer generation, it was completely passive and moreover, was operating under the influence of some private dog ventures. 


So knowing all these scenarios some enthusiastic, aware, conscientious, and diligent group of dogs lover re-founded KCN for the betterment of the dogs and its fraternity in Nepal. The main motto of KCN is dog registration, general and lifetime membership distribution, regulation, and listless irregular breeding and to organize National Dog Show, making our Nepali Dogs capable of the popular international dog show programs.. 


The Board Members of KCN are as follows: 


Patron: Jay Narayan Singh 

Chief Advisor:  Juliette Cunliffe 

President: Prabin Bajracharya 

Vice-president: Him KC 

Secretary: Subodh Man Shrestha 

Vice-Secretary: Ram Deula 

Treasurer: Ashish Moktan 

Advisor: Pramad Shah, Dr.Sushil Poudel, and Dr. Arjun Aryal 


Members: Sushmita Ranjit, Vaishali Dangol, Laxman Deula, and Bibesh Shrestha 


We express our gratitude to all the board members for their responsible and successful tenure. 


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