Give Your Puppy the BEST Gifts on कुकुर तिहार

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

Tihar is the second biggest Nepali festival after Dashain, which is five days Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal and some Indian states of Sikkim, Darjeeling, West Bengal and Kalimpong as Diwali.

Kaag  Tihar, Kukur Tihar, Gai Tihar and Lakshmi puja, Goverdhan and Mha puja, lastly  Bhai Tika.

Worshipping of creatures Kaag(Crow), Kukur(Dog), Gai (Cow), Goru (Ox) with final day reserved with people(Brothers and Sisters) themselves. These are all to bring Good Luck, to save from negative energy, wishing for wealth, prosperity, and Good  health.

Nepal is only one nation in the World where the DOG is worshipped and celebrated. The second day of Tihar is dedicated to the  most loyal friend of mankind. On this day , Dogs are bathed, worshipped, adorned with tika and mala  and given tons of testy treats and gifts.

If you are wondering what gifts to get for your dogs .your family dog ,or  community dogs that live near your home, fret not. #indrenipetzone has all the pet supplies and puppy products you will need to  ensure all the furry friends around you have a Happy Kukur Tihar. Here are  a few of our favorites:

🐾 Dog grooming Kits

Dogs are Your Family. Make them always looking pristine!  and grooming kits usually include various different tools for brushing, clipping, bathing, and trimming .



🐾Smart Pet Feeders

It seems like there’s a smart version of everything these days and pet feeders are no exception.
This is the perfect item for busy pet owners who don’t want to leave a day’s supply of food out in case their beloved pet eats it all in one go.


🐾Treats and Foods

Treats and Foods not  only Yummy , it should be health hygienic and better digestible. Moreover it should have premium ingredients that’s  Wellbeing and nutrition . 

🐾Pet Toys 

Contrary to popular belief, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity for dogs. They are extremely important for a dog’s well-being and development. If your dog has a toy to play with, they can fight boredom, gain comfort, and even form healthy behaviors and habits. Chew toys are essential for all dog owners, helping to sustain dental health and mental stimulation. 


🐾Bed and Clothes

For owners who treat their dogs like one of the family, a high-quality and comfortable bed for man’s best friend is essential. There’s no better place to find the cutest, warmest clothes for your dog than Indreni pet zone in Kathmandu valley.

🐾Collars and Leashes



According to dog breed or size the products are varies, nowadays  body belt with reflector, re-storing led , harness with foam are most loving dog harness in Nepal. Neck belt and body harness are identity of dogs clothes.

🐾 Pet carriers

Pet carriers allow pet owners to travel with their pets comfortably and safely. Whether it’s a trip to the vet or a family road trip, taking pets outside of the home doesn’t need to be stressful. 

We have latest design backpack ,front side and side wise model dogs and cats  bag as shown in below

 🐾Pet stain and odour Removers

After Tihar festival weather of Nepal is  fall down. During winter  bathing is quite tough and due to this dog has stain and odour. But no worries Indreni pet zone bring it’s solution. We have dry bath ,odour removers, pet perfume, lotion . This is best gifts for your furry friends during Tihar festival.

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