How have dogs evolved ? History of Dogs

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

It is one of the interesting facts of today how dogs originated. Are the dogs the real species or the loved ones? Many people are seemed to be wondering when and where wolves began their evolution to become humanity’s best friend.


The prehistory of animals tells us around 75 million years ago the first carnivore evolved on Earth as a tree-dwelling mammal. Its land-bound successor appeared 25 million years to be followed by other groups of carnivores that evolved and become extinct until the beginning of the Miocene epoch ( between 26 and 7 million years ago ). 


When a group called Leptocy on evolved. It is assumed that this group gave a rise to Canidae, including the dog. However, the dog’s direct ancestry remained hazy for many thousand years. Evidence found that supports the theory of Wolves beings the nearest relative of Dogs.


In other words, after the history of mankind shifted from open sky to den and cave days, the wolves being the supporters and retrievers of hunting also adjusted with humans. And then the bonding started in the wild. Over time it is still life to the most advanced civilization of humankind.

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