“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

First of all, thinking to host a dog is a good decision. We might not be aware of the circumstances we have to ensure before becoming happy hosts. So, it is very sensitive financially, and more important is our precious time. 


Therefore, choosing a dog breed without knowing its characteristics, and its expense is not a mature move. It will put both the host and the pet in a troublesome situation. Before welcoming them home, we should ask ourselves and of course our family members about their arrival. 


Does the dog’s life adjust to my lifestyle? This self-question will help a lot. Then only buying a puppy from a responsible dog store makes sense. We, at Indreni Pet Zone, are always super conscious of these unaware issues of hosts and pets. We are sharing this information only from the perspective of the betterment of pet lovers, enthusiasts, and their upcoming pets.


Nowadays, there are all lots of dog stores, a pet shops all over Nepal. While buying to take feedback and consult service, the choice is yours. But our main concern is don’t buy a puppy as fast as you buy goods in the market. The hard and fast shopping module doesn’t apply to these cute furry friends. 


Not only domesticated animals, when buying a pup or cat, but you are also going to take emotion, affection, and soul in your sweet family. 


Rather, people, these days are just following the trend growing craze on social sites and rush to order just they order goods and foods, online. That is not recommended. Instead, do some research, ask the dog owner’s friends, and consult with vets.  Also, we would like to kindly remind you to take dogs from reliable, registered dogs store with proper knowledge of foods, accessories, and general behaviors. 


If you are searching for Purebred dogs in Kathmandu, Indreni Pet Zone can be your best pick-up. Also, if you already own a dog then you must visit our shop in Sanepa. We not only provide food, accessories, and merch but also vet and consulting services. Besides our commercial aspect, we advocate that every home deserves a well-developed, happy, and well-socialized pet-vet relationship in Nepal.

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