Top 10 Small Dog Breeds That are Best For Child & Families In Nepal 2023

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

Day by day Dogs demand in Nepal is very high ,specially youth are so excited to adopt different kind of dogs. World wide due to nuclear family concept, and busy time schedule, precious moment and time of people are roaming in small circumstance and Dogs is only  Best friends that could share  their joy and sorrow  unconditionally.  In Nepal dog is Part of family member Dogs are source of joy to share with their besties ,so nowadays dogs are  gifting on Birthday, weaning ceremony, academic achievements, Even  from some decade  Dogs are best valentine gift in Nepal. So  there is high demand up adopting different kinds of dogs breeds  in  Nepal.

Most popular 10 small Dog breeds in Nepal are as follows.

1)Japanese spitz

Due to loyal, playful and smart nature Japanese spitz is most popular dogs in Nepal. This breed dog is adjust in small space and its low feeding habit makes most popular in all over in Nepal. It’s Height:12-15 inch. Weight:5-10 kg Life span:10-14 years


Pug is very charming, loving, mischievous dog. Its appearance is like live doll, so this bred is good with young children and with others dogs. Heights:10-13 inch, Weight:7-10 kg ,Life span:13-15 years


These breed dog is very patient with children and have the stamina to keep up with them ,their temperament is friendly, curious, merry nature .Due to its short coat ,less shed dogs so most choice breed in Nepal. Heights:13-15 inch, Weight:10-15 kg ,Life span:10-15 years

4)Lhasa Apso

This breed dog is best for older children then young children. Its  temperament is  courageous and confident, intelligent and resourceful. It has long hair so regular grooming is necessary.Heights:10-11 inch, Weight:5-8 kg ,Life span:12-15 years.


This is smallest dog breed with charming ,graceful, sassy appearance .This breed is self assured , good with young children better with supervision. Their walking is very unique and cute like “catwalk”. Heights:5-8 inch, Weight:2.3-3.5 kg ,Life span:14-16 years.

6) French Bulldog

This bred dog is very playful, smart and adoptable. Heights:11-13 inch, Weight: under 12kg ,Life span:10-12 years. 


7)Cocker Spaniel

This  bred dog is smart and happy, cheerful and sociable and good with young children.Heights:13.5-15.5 inch, Weight: 5-11.5 kg ,Life span:10-14 years.



Lively, fearless, extroverted Pomeranian dog breed is most demanding breed in Nepal .Its floppy hair with cute movements melts every heart. This breed is good with young children with supervision .Heights:6-7.5 inch, Weight: 3-4 kg ,Life span:12-16 years.



This dog is very charming and house companion, agreeable, playful and affection with children. It has long hair and their hair style attract everyone.Heights:9-10 inch, Weight: 4- 8 kg ,Life span:10-18 years.



10)British Bulldog

British bulldog is friendly, courageous and calm easy going dog. Good with young children with supervision. Heights:14-15 inch, Weight: 22 kg ,Life span:8-10 years.

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